Anki Ahrnell ~ Sweden

Anki is a business executive with more than 40 years of experience from various management positions within business development & technology.

In January 2015 she was appointed Chief Digital Officer and in March the same year she also took on the Chief Technical Officer role at Bonnier AB, a privately owned media group in TV, daily newspapers, business and trade press, magazines, film, books, radio and digital media. Her mission is to help strengthen the digital transition and product development from a Bonnier-wide perspective.

Most recently, she was Head of Digital Development at Swedbank, where she previously also served as Head of Marketing and Online sales. Prior to that, she has held executive positions at Lowe Brindfors, Cambridge Technology Partners and IBM and she has also run a small design business of her own. She spent 17 years at IBM where she started her career and held various executive positions such as Head of Small Business, Head of Marketing, Head of Business Development & Strategies. At IBM she was the first female director and the first woman on the executive team in Sweden. She has also served as board member at Avanza and IF.

Anki has a proven track record of developing businesses and delivering transformation projects with a focus on customers needs and bridging the gap between business and technology. Customer understanding, a holistic perspective, finding the right people and execution are key strengths. She is an external speaker on digital development and how to use technology as a transformation enabler.

She was appointed Intrapreneur Of The Year in Sweden 2013.