Birgitte Hass ~ Denmark

Birgitte has been working in tech companies for more than 30 years and has many years of experience representing the industry in public boards.

As CEO for the Danish ICT Industry Association, the business interests of their ICT-companies are her foremost priority. Birgitte has been serving on the board of The Danish IT Association since 2006 and became Director in 2014.

During Birgitte’s extensive carrier within ICT she has been CEO for FDC – a company that provides IT solutions to enable customers to handle general insurance programmes, health insurances, life insurance and pension schemes – between the years 1996 to 2014. FDC specialises in IT services for the Scandinavian insurance market, and their IT solutions lead the market in Scandinavia for insurance and pension activities.

She has also served on the boards of several IT companies and industry organisations such as IT-Vest and Center for IT Research (CIT) between 2000 and 2008.

Birgitte holds a BSc in Physics, Maths & Computer science from the University of Copenhagen.