Caroline Walerud ~ Sweden

Caroline Walerud is a passionate entrepreneur devoted to building Volumental, which she co-founded in late 2012 with three computer vision experts in Stockholm. Volumental is building the platform for the future of product customisation. The platform makes it easy to accurately scan and store clients’ body data and get products with a perfect fit.

Caroline also works to shape politics and promote entrepreneurship through three great initiatives: the Swedish government’s reference group for strengthening entrepreneurship, STING Incubator’s advisory board, and Prince Daniel’s Fellowship. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14 when there wasn’t any good bread in the neighbourhood, so she started baking sourdough bread and sold it door to door.

The rest of her time, she tries to stay active when possible: yoga, basketball, dog walks and surfing. She likes cooking and art, both others’ and her own. Academically, she enjoy learning how the world works; whether that is through neuroscience and zoology (which she studied at Cambridge University) or through many other perspectives.

In 2016, Caroline was featured on the 2016 list Forbes 30 Under 30.