Elina Berglund Scherwitzl ~ Sweden

Elina is originally a particle physicist who pursued research at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland for six years and was one of the leading researchers that discovered the Higgs boson, which led to a Nobel Prize in physics in 2013. After discovering the Higgs, she left her job in particle physics and switched fields to women’s reproductive health to develop the smart algorithm behind Natural Cycles, a company which she co-founded together with her husband. Together they created Natural Cycles for their own needs – as they were looking for a safe and user-friendly natural birth control, which there was none to find on the market at the time. Through analysing women’s body temperature, the Natural Cycles mobile app identifies women’s fertile days for the purpose of both preventing and planning a pregnancy. Additionally, pregnant women monitor their temperature in the app to early detect sinking hormonal levels to be able to prevent a possible miscarriage.

Elina continues to pursue research through Natural Cycles and has published two clinical studies concerning women’s reproductive health in a peer review journal. She has also won multiple awards for her work, such as Woman in Tech 2015, and was appointed Super talent and Innovation talent in 2015 by the Swedish magazine Veckans Affärer. In February 2016 she was named one of the most powerful businesswomen in Sweden.