Hanna Aase ~ Norway

Hanna Aase is the CEO and founder of Wonderloop. She is revolutionising social networking by creating the world’s first video-profile identity platform. Hanna created the technology company Wonderloop after being inspired by Oprah’s mission of connecting and giving and therefore wanted to bring it to the mobile space. Her goal is to give everyone the power to be presented with opportunities and meet life-changing people by creating a global search engine out of people on video-profiles. Hanna believes that “If we can see everyone in the world, we could also give to everyone in the world”. Her technology platform has been recognized in established tech media such as Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch and USA Today.

Hanna is a native Norwegian who has earned multiple Bachelor’s degrees in entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. Prior to founding Wonderloop, Hanna was one of the early pioneers in social media. She started her own social media advisory company at age 24 that brought steady business from 200 companies and government departments. That experience established her as a global expert in the industry. Hanna is an active participant in the world’s leading technology and philanthropy networks and is recognized as a creative leader within consumer technology and social change. She is known for being one of the few female founders in consumer technology and has been a speaker for the World Economic Forum on entrepreneurship and at SXSW on how video-profiles can have social impact on peoples lives.