Henriette Weber ~ Denmark

Henriette Weber is one of Denmark’s most experienced and charismatic digital brand strategists.

From 2005 to 2015 she was running her own successful brand studio Toothless Tiger, where she advised businesses on digital disruption, new business models, online branding, communication, marketing and PR. She also ran the start-up ‘Geek Girl Magazine’ during her time as an entrepreneur. Since 2015, she has taken on the task of bringing sustainability further out into the world as Senior Global Digital Lead at Sustainia – a sustainable innovation house and consultancy under Monday Morning.

Henriette Weber is known and respected for her ability to spot trends and ideas and implement them into action and substance. She’s has been touring the European tech conference scene for years as well as conducting workshops and arranging events and conferences, especially for women in tech, as well as BarCamps and Social Media Clubs.

In 2009 she also became an author, when she published the book ‘Return on involvement – how to use the social web to create business unusual’. She’s also the author of the English e-book called ‘Rockbandism – why every company should be a rockband’, and she is known for her concept ‘story living’.

Henriette has through the times always been present where the creative /digital waves were rolling. She has worked for companies such as Apple and KapowTech as well as consulting and advising some of the biggest companies in Europe.