Louise Ferslev ~ Denmark

Louise Ferslev is the founder and CEO of Fintech startup MyMonii – a Copenhagen based app-company. The big vision for MyMonii is to become the future banking and payment solution for kids and young adults, believing that the banks offerings for this target group at the moment is outdated and has stagnated over the psat 15 years ago.

Louise started building the company when investing some of her own money together with receiving external funding from an angel investor. Today the company has 2 full time employees since they currently get between 300 and 700 kids profiles created in the app. At the moment they are raising $450.000 to grow the company further. Louise’s ambition for the company is big – within one year from now they aim to expand into the Swedish and Norwegian markets as well.

Louise is also co-founder of Women In Tech DK together with 5 other female entrepreneurs with the overall focus to inspire more women to start or join a tech startup company. Women in tech DK believes that there is a need for more women to join startups and for more female entrepreneurs as well as more female investors.

In her everyday role, Louise’s role is a mix between IT project management, Brand management, Partner- and investor contact as well as anything unforeseen. Besides her work with MyMonii and Women In Tech, she has also been a speaker at many events, especially for students, to inspire them to start businesses while they are still undertaking education. Louise started MyMonii during her studies at Copenhagen Business Academy where she specialized in Brand design.