Louise Herping Ellegaard ~ Denmark

Louise is the Director of Strategy & Business Development and co-founder of Clio Online. At the age of 26, she founded a digital publishing company, Clio Online, along with two friends in her final year of studies.

Clio Online was established on the idea that the world of teaching and learning was in need of new IT-based, innovative, creative and compelling digital learning materials for teachers to integrate into teaching, and for pupils to enjoy during class. Since then the company has developed digital learning materials for nearly all subjects and all grades in primary and lower secondary schools in Denmark and is by far the digital market leader.

Clio Online has won several international awards for their digital learning materials, for their innovative way of doing business and their high growth rates.

In 2015, Louise and her two partners sold their majority shares to Bonnier in Sweden. Bonnier is a multi-channel media conglomerate with experience and knowledge in a full range of media and working in 14 countries. In connection to this, Louise co-founded Bonnier Education where she, as CEO, is responsible for taking the Clio concept to the Swedish market.

Louise loves everything new that is happening on the Internet and is a major consumer of all social medias. She hopes that digital literacy or programming becomes mandatory in Danish and Swedish schools some day because she can see a big shortage of skilled programmers in these countries, but also because she hopes more women will become interested in the tech-industry.