Marjo Miettinen ~ Finland

Marjo Miettinen is one of the owners and board members of EM Group family business and currently Chairman of the group company Ensto. In addition, she has been active in several Finnish-based companies, was Chairman in Teleste Oyj for the last six years and at current she is a member of the Board of Efore Oyj and Avarte Group Oy. She is also Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion TES and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA.

Marjo is very keen on the Finnish education system, being one of the founders of the Women in Tech network. Women in Tech activities aim to discuss how women could have a larger role in creating success stories in business and technology. The activities are organized by The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries together with tech companies and partners.

Currently Miettinen is writing her PhD dissertation on the position of the union shop stewards in Finnish industrial enterprises.

The companies owned by the Miettinen family are also remarkably involved in societal activities by supporting undertakings related to young people, physical exercise, environment and culture.