Mette Lykke ~ Denmark

Before co-founding Endomondo, Mette worked at McKinsey & Company, where she met the two other founding members. Although she enjoyed working there, she was missing a greater purpose. She felt a desire to make an impact on the way people live, so in 2007, the three consultants left to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.

One of Mette’s passions is building and creating. She’s always had this desire to build something tangible. You could say it’s in her genes. Her grandfather started a retail chain in 1947, which sells DIY and timber trades. Her dad took over for her grandfather, and runs it with her brother, who is now third generation, so she grew up witnessing this entrepreneurial lifestyle. While leaving her job behind was a bit daunting, it also felt like the right move.

When the two co-founders and Mette set out to create Endomondo, they read this stat which said that 80% of people wanted to exercise more but lacked the motivation to do so. That’s when they knew they wanted to make something to help people lead more active lives. The mission was and still is to make fitness fun. It wasn’t always easy to get others to share their enthusiasm. But Mette is a competitive person, and she gets energized when someone says it can’t be done.

Since then, more than 25 million people have joined the platform and 20,000 new users join on a daily basis. After Under Armour acquired Endomondo in January 2015, Mette has taken on the role of leading Under Armour’s digital efforts within Run and Fitness, and the primary goal is to grow the user base and increase awareness of the Under Armour brand outside of the US.