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Fresh design, fresh fashion and fresh ideas. Here are the top 50 women in the Nordics who are challenging the status quo in 2017 in alphabetical order.

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Hanna Aase ~ Norway

Founder & CEO at Wonderloop

Hanna Aase is the CEO and founder of Wonderloop. She is revolutionising social networking by creating the world’s first video-profile identity platform. Hanna created the technology company Wonderloop after being inspired by Oprah’s mission of connecting and giving and therefore wanted to bring it to the mobile space. Her goal is to give everyone the power to be presented with opportunities and meet life-changing people by creating a global search engine out of people on video-profiles. Hanna believes that “If we can see everyone in the world, we could also give to everyone in the world”. Her technology platform has been recognized in established tech media such as Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch and USA Today.

Anki Ahrnell ~ Sweden

Chief Digital & Technical Officer at Bonnier AB

Anki is a business executive with more than 40 years of experience from various management positions within business development & technology.

She has a proven track record of developing businesses and delivering transformation projects with a focus on customers needs and bridging the gap between business and technology. Customer understanding, a holistic perspective, finding the right people and execution are key strengths. She is an external speaker on digital development and how to use technology as a transformation enabler.

She was appointed Intrapreneur Of The Year in Sweden 2013.

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Hélène Barnekow ~ Sweden

CEO at Telia Sweden

Hélène is a change maker with a key role in one of the most interesting and transformative times where Telia Company breaks new ground, innovates and creates services that touch millions and millions. Barnekow brings unique insights and experience from the mobile and IT business, most recently as Head of Group Commercial where she has been crucial in setting the agenda to transform Telia Company to a New Generation Telco.

Sophia Bendz ~ Sweden

Executive in Residence at Atomico

Sophia is an Executive in Residence at Atomico. Based in Stockholm, she focuses on helping portfolio companies with strategy and scaling, as well as with the sourcing and evaluation of new investment opportunities. Sophia was the Global Marketing Director at Spotify from 2007-2014, building out a strong consumer brand from scratch, launching and marketing the service globally.

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Stina Bergfors ~ Sweden

Founder of United Screens

Stina’s career has progressed fast in the Swedish media world. She started out as an advertising salesman for teletext on TV3 in 2000 and continued as a project manager at the media agencies OMD and Carat.

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl ~ Sweden

Co-Founder & CTO at NaturalCycles

Elina is originally a particle physicist who pursued research at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland for six years and was one of the leading researchers that discovered the Higgs boson, which led to a Nobel Prize in physics in 2013. After discovering the Higgs, she left her job in particle physics and switched fields to women’s reproductive health to develop the smart algorithm behind Natural Cycles, a company which she co-founded together with her husband. Together they created Natural Cycles for their own needs – as they were looking for a safe and user-friendly natural birth control, which there was none to find on the market at the time. Through analysing women’s body temperature, the Natural Cycles mobile app identifies women’s fertile days for the purpose of both preventing and planning a pregnancy. Additionally, pregnant women monitor their temperature in the app to early detect sinking hormonal levels to be able to prevent a possible miscarriage.

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Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl ~ Denmark

Chairman of the Board at The Danish IT Association

Cecilia is the founder and owner of GLOBIT – a company that specializes in CRM and digitalisation of business. Cecilia has over 15 years experience in IT and ERP implementations across national borders. In addition to her role as founder, owner and manager of GLOBIT, Cecilia is also Chairman of the interest group IT Industry Association and sits on several boards, including Danish Enterprise and Nordjyske Media.

Natalia Brzezinski ~ Sweden

CEO at Symposium Stockholm

Washington D.C.-based Natalia Brzezinski, 31, is an experienced moderator, journalist, and communications strategist focused on building dynamic dialogue across numerous sectors and cultures. She is an expert on U.S.-Scandinavian cultural and business practices, as well as a digital activist passionate about fostering links between tech, sustainable fashion, politics, and music. In November 2015 Brzezinski became the host of Stand Out: an Acast original podcast, featuring authentic discussions with some of the world’s most influential and dynamic female entrepreneurs, politicians, and change-makers. She is an international advisor for the prestigious global strategic communications firm Kreab. She serves as the CEO of Brilliant Minds, Stockholm Symposium— an annual thought leadership symposium on the future of creativity and the cross-section of music, tech, fashion and disruptive business.

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Robin (Robyn) Carlsson

Founder & Artist at Tekla Tech Festival

Robin Carlsson (Robyn) is a Swedish electronic pop music artist as well as the initiator of the Tekla Tech Festival – a festival that promotes inclusion of women in technology. In 2015, the festival hosted partner companies such as Google, Spotify, Valtech, Interactive and Paradox. Tekla is a festival for girls, in which they get to sample different areas of future technology in a fun and imaginative environment. The festival is co-hosted with KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and is aimed at girls ages 11-18 and was held for the second time in 2016.

Lisbeth Chawes ~ Denmark

Partner Director at Komfo

Lisbeth Chawes is a Danish tech leader with over 15 years of experience from various management positions and startup companies within the technology industry.

She currently works for the global social media software company Komfo. Her leadership style can be described as passionate. Above all, she drives changes and develops new markets with a unique passion.
She is active and visible in the Danish business environment with an extended network, where she is also active on a board related to the Danish Marketing Association and the lead for a group of Top influential digital managers from companies like Danfoss, Lego, and Grundfos.

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Marianne Dahl Steensen ~ Denmark

General Manager/CEO Denmark & Iceland at Microsoft

Marianne Dahl Steensen is the CEO for the regions Denmark & Iceland at Microsoft. As country director she leads a management team of 9 persons covering the wing-to-wing business and an organisation of 550 people. She is also a member of the Western Europe management team at Microsoft.

Mengmeng Du ~ Sweden

Founder & CEO at Mimion

Mengmeng is one of Sweden’s leading digital profiles. She has held leading positions at several of the most successful online companies originating from Sweden, is on the board of some of the country’s largest consumer companies, and is a trusted advisor to the Prime Minister.

Currently, she is an investor and active advisor to online startups through her own company Mimion. Her previous role was COO at podcasting startup Acast. Prior to that, she was in several leading positions at Spotify — first as Director of International Growth, later Marketing Director in Nordic/Benelux/APAC, and lastly Director Global Marketing Operations. Before joining Spotify, she was VP Product at Stardoll.

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Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik ~ Norway

Founder & CEO at Villoid

Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik is the founder of Villoid, the next generation shopping service, which she co-founded in 2014 with style icon Alexa Chung, e-commerce expert Karin Källman, and social gaming expert Jarle Snertingdalen. Villoid is active in 180 countries, has 10 employees and is based out of offices in Oslo and NY.

Stina Ehrensvärd ~ Sweden

Founder & CEO at Yubico

Stina is the CEO and Founder of Yubico, and co-inventor of the YubiKey – a small device that makes strong two-factor authentication easy and affordable for everyone.

The company was founded in 2007, funded by the management team and Swedish angel investors. In 2014, Ram Shriram, Google founding board member and former executive at joined as investor and board member, and Marc Benioff, CEO & Founder of Salesforce and Ori Eisen, renowned entrepreneur in fraud prevention, joined as investors.

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Louise Ferslev

Founder & CEO at MyMonii

Louise Ferslev is the founder and CEO of Fintech startup MyMonii – a Copenhagen based app-company. The big vision for MyMonii is to become the future banking and payment solution for kids and young adults, believing that the banks offerings for this target group at the moment is outdated and has stagnated over the past 15 years ago.

In her everyday role, Louise’s role is a mix between IT project management, Brand management, Partner- and investor contact as well as anything unforeseen. Besides her work with MyMonii and Women In Tech, she has also been a speaker at many events, especially for students, to inspire them to start businesses while they are still undertaking education. Louise started MyMonii during her studies at Copenhagen Business Academy where she specialized in Brand design.

Eva Fors ~ Sweden

CEO at Yanzi Networks

After two decades at Microsoft as a senior leader within international sales and marketing, Eva recently left the corporate world to become CEO at  startup company Yanzi Networks – a VC backed company which has developed an Internet of Things platform for smart buildings.

During her 20 years at Microsoft, Eva held over ten different positions spanning from sales to marketing to products. Her last role at Microsoft was as the COO for Microsoft Sweden and prior to that Eva worked as European Sales Manager for Emerging Technologies.

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Natasha Friis Saxberg ~ Denmark

Director Future Growth at Atea Denmark

Natasha Friis Saxberg is an author, entrepreneur and digital strategist. She has worked with large organizations and technology for more than two decades, helping brands and enterprises build their digital strategy. Natasha has been a key figure in cultivating the Copenhagen startup scene from 2009, and as an entrepreneur she has founded numerous SaaS startups on a global market. Natasha has written several books about technology, here under Homo Digitalis that maps humans basic needs with our digital behaviour.

Louise Fritjofsson ~ Sweden

Co-Founder & CEO at Vint

Louise Fritjofsson is an entrepreneur and adventurer from Sweden. The last few years she has been located in San Francisco to disrupt the fitness industry on a global level.

Louise is a serial entrepreneur who started her first company at the age of 19, has had one business acquired, started and still owns the biggest b2b ad-network in Scandinavia, and is now the founder and CEO of SAAS company Vint.

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Soulaima Gourani ~ Denmark

CEO at CapitalAID

Soulaima is the CEO of and CapitalAid – a company that aims for world peace through trade and “good money”.

She is a motivational speaker and philanthropist with approximately 200 public talks a year all around the world including countrie such as Russia, Morocco, UK, the U.S and Israel. She is also an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking, change management, employee motivation, and future of business. She has worked as an advisor and/or speaker for large global clients such as Samsung, DELL, McKinsey, BMW, IBM, Microsoft and Stanford University.

Jutta Haaramo ~ Finland

Founder & CEO at Stylewhile

Jutta Haaramo is Founder and CEO of Stylewhile, a Finland based fashion-tech company providing women online try-on experience. The company was started on the idea that shoppers should have a more creative role when shopping online so that they could purchase the right outfits instead of mere products. Stylewhile first launched an iPad app with Saks 5th Avenue and has since then become the Styling Room provider for online fashion stores. The Stylewhile method is US patented.

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Kati Hagros ~ Finland

Partner at Hagros & Hagros Corp

Kati is a digitalisation executive, board professional and advisor in digitalisation, ICT and global business process development. Currently she is a Board Member at Tokmanni Oyj, Siili Solutions Oyj, Nixu Oyj and a talent recruiter as well as supporting her family business Hagros & Hagros Corp portfolio companies. Kati has 20 years of leadership experience in the international high technology business with management positions in logistics, e-business, strategy, quality and IT.

Birgitte Hass ~ Denmark

CEO at The Danish IT Industry

Brigitte has been working in tech companies for more than 30 years and has many years of experience representing the industry in public boards.

As CEO for the Danish ICT Industry Association, the business interests of their ICT-companies are her foremost priority. Birgitte has been serving on the board of The Danish IT Association since 2006 and became Director in 2014.

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Jenny Hermanson ~ Sweden

Managing Director Nordics at Spotify

Jenny is heading up the Nordic business at Spotify. She has been with the company for almost seven years; during this time she has been working in various business areas such as ad sales, marketing, business operations and now as Managing Director for the Nordic region. Prior to joining Spotify, Jenny spent five years at Microsoft, working with their advertising solutions. Before that she spent several years in the Swedish IT industry.

Louise Herping Ellegaard ~ Denmark

Co-Founder of Clio Online

Louise is the Director of Strategy & Business Development and co-founder of Clio Online. At the age of 26, she founded a digital publishing company, Clio Online, along with two friends in her final year of studies.

Clio Online was established on the idea that the world of teaching and learning was in need of new IT-based, innovative, creative and compelling digital learning materials for teachers to integrate into teaching, and for pupils to enjoy during class. Since then the company has developed digital learning materials for nearly all subjects and all grades in primary and lower secondary schools in Denmark and is by far the digital market leader.

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Michelle Kadir ~ Sweden

VP Digital Business at Sony Music Entertainment

Michelle grew up in Stockholm Sweden with young parents (who came to Sweden as refugees) and who always played music at home – probably the reason why it became her biggest interest. Michelle joined Spotify as the first female within the product and tech organisation. Currently, Michelle is VP over Digital at Sony Music focusing on the next era of the music industry while enjoying building strong teams and leading them to great results.

Gulnaz Khusainova ~ Denmark

Founder & CEO at EasySize

Gulnaz Khusainova is the Founder and CEO of EasySize, a data-driven company, disrupting fashion e-commerce.

With more than 7 years of experience in marketing and IT, she is a passionate and skilled entrepreneur. She founded her first company at the age of 19 (with 2 previous startups under her belt). Gulnaz holds an MSc in Strategic marketing.

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Anita Krohn Traaseth ~ Norway

CEO at Innovasjon Norge

Anita Krohn Traaseth is the CEO of Innovation Norway. Prior she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard Norway.  She started her career as a trainee at IBM and has held several executive positions including CEO of Simula Innovation AS (leading ICT research laboratory) and strategy director at DNV Software.

Heidi Kuusniemi ~ Finland

Director & Professor at Finnish Geospatial Research Institute

Heidi Kuusniemi is a director and professor at the Department of Navigation and Positioning at the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI). She is also an adjunct professor and lecturer in GNSS technologies at Aalto University, Finland and a docent in positioning technologies and systems at Tampere University of Technology.

She is the President of the Nordic Institute of Navigation, and was the head of the Organising Committee for the 2016 European Navigation Conference (ENC 2016) arranged in Helsinki, Finland May-June this year.

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Camilla Ley Valentin ~ Denmark

Co-Founder & CCO at Queue-it

Camilla is Co-founder and CCO of Queue-it, a start-up who develops and markets an online queueing system for managing website overload during extreme user peaks in relation to popular events and activities online.  The solution maintains website performance by protecting against potential slowdowns and failures. Camilla co -founded the company together with Niels Henrik Sodemann, CEO and Martin Pronk, CTO.

Linda Liukas ~ Finland

Co-Founder of & Author of “Hello Ruby”

Linda Liukas is a programmer, storyteller and illustrator from Helsinki. Her children’s book, Hello Ruby, was funded on Kickstarter and smashed its $10,000 funding goal in just three and a half hours, going on to reach $380,000 in total. It is the most funded book on Kickstarter’s children’s book category. Hello Ruby is ‘the worlds most whimsical way’ to learn about computers, technology and programming, and is aimed at 4-7 year-olds. Linda is also the founder of Rails Girls, an organization launched in 2010 that empowers women with technology tools and a supportive community to build their ideas.

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Mette Lykke ~ Denmark

Co-Founder of Endomondo

Before co-founding Endomondo, Mette worked at McKinsey & Company, where she met the two other founding members. Although she enjoyed working there, she was missing a greater purpose. She felt a desire to make an impact on the way people live, so in 2007, the three consultants left to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.

One of Mette’s passions is building and creating. She’s always had this desire to build something tangible. You could say it’s in her genes. Her grandfather started a retail chain in 1947, which sells DIY and timber trades. Her dad took over for her grandfather, and runs it with her brother, who is now third generation, so she grew up witnessing this entrepreneurial lifestyle. While leaving her job behind was a bit daunting, it also felt like the right move.

Inka Mero ~ Finland

Co-Founder & Chairwoman at Koppicatch

Inka Mero is a seed investor, C-executive and innovator. As a founder and chairwoman of KoppiCatch, a seed investor and accelerator company, Inka is deeply passionate about building growth companies, which have their roots in disruptive technology and business innovation.

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Marjo Miettinen ~ Finland

Chairwoman at Finnish Foundation for Tech Promotion

Marjo Miettinen is one of the owners and board members of EM Group family business and currently Chairman of the group company Ensto. In addition, she has been active in several Finnish-based companies, was Chairman in Teleste Oyj for the last six years and at current she is a member of the Board of Efore Oyj and Avarte Group Oy. She is also Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion TES and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA.

Currently Miettinen is writing her PhD dissertation on the position of the union shop stewards in Finnish industrial enterprises.

Anja Monrad ~ Denmark

Executive Director & General Manager (Central & Eastern Europe) at Dell

Anja Monrad is the Executive Director & General Manager of Dell Central & Eastern Europe (CEE).

Anja joined Dell as Marketing Director for the Nordic countries in 2000 and has since had a comprehensive international career within Dell. Since 2013 she has been leading the Dell business in CEE, a region covering 25 countries, including Poland, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Romania and many more. Prior to this Anja led Dell’s European Demand Generation’s activities and was responsible for the building of Dell’s CRM activities in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). She also managed the EMEA Services marketing organisation, ran the European Online Marketing organisation and last but not least directed execution of Dell’s global marcom activities within Dell’s international Marketing organisation.

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Susanne Najafi ~ Sweden

Founding Partner at BackingMinds

Susanne Najafi is a serial entrepreneur and founder of one of Nordic’s largest beauty online retailers Eleven (previously Unity Beauty Group), where she was the CEO. She has a background with Oriflame and Procter&Gamble, where she worked both in the Nordics and in the Middle East. In 2009 she broke her neck in a skiing accident and it was a defining moment for her. She had to stay in bed for months and decided to realize her dream and become an entrepreneur. Since then she has founded more than 5 companies mainly within e-commerce and tech and is the board member of listed Stockmann and Lindex.

Today she is the Founding Partner of BackingMinds, an investment fund that aims at changing venture capital with a new concept. BackingMinds is investing in underinvested entrepreneurs and is using new methods to tap into the full potential of Sweden.

Jessica Nilsson ~ Sweden

Principal at Northzone

Jessica Nilsson is an investor at venture capital firm Northzone. To date Northzone has raised seven funds and invested in more than 100 technology companies. Jessica focuses on the digital and consumer sectors, with her special passion for ecommerce and marketing. Her portfolio companies at Northzone include Klarna, Outfittery, Lesara, Fyndiq and Matsmart.

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Isabelle Ringnes ~ Norway

Founder of TENK Norway

Isabelle’s strongest passion is technology. Her love for technology is rooted in its vast opportunities and unique ability to empower each and every connected human being to make a positive difference in the world.

Working as a young woman in a male dominated field has driven her to become actively engaged in attracting more women to the industry. Isabelle has co-founded and built TENK, the Technology Network for Women, ( on a mission to encourage women all of all ages to become passionate about technology. She is a distinct voice and public speaker at various conferences advocating the importance of women in technology, including holding a keynote speech at the official opening of Oslo Innovation Week in 2015.

Anne-Sofie Risåsen ~ Norway

CEO at Capgemini Norway

Anne-Sofie is CEO at Capgemini Norway. Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, which enables its clients to transform and perform through technologies. Capgemini provides its clients with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results through a unique way of working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM.

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Bonnie Roupé ~ Sweden

Founder of BONZUN

Bonnie Roupé, best known as the founder of Bonzun, is listed as one of Sweden’s top entrepreneurs. Having worked in digital and mobile since 1999, she has developed over 250 mobile solutions for consumers.  The idea for Bonzun was born after she struggled to find helpful information about medical complications during her own pregnancy. 

Anita Schjøll Brede ~ Norway

Co-Founder & CEO at Iris Al

Anita is co-founder & CEO of Iris AI – an Artificial Intelligence that will read all of the world’s science and help us connect the dots.

During  thepast 10 years Anita’s career has spanned 9 industries including developing an e-learning tool in Silicon Valley, performing theatre for babies, reducing energy consumption in the process industry through heat exchanger network optimization, getting 30 (mainly middle-age male) engineers to dance to ABBA in front of their co-workers, facilitating solar light business creation in Kenya, being in the centre of several start-ups crashing and burning, organizing entrepreneurial conferences and trying to disrupt the recruitment industry. She also dropped by 6 universities on the way – and built a race car.

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Kristin Skogen Lund ~ Norway

Director General at NHO (the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise)

Kristin Skogen Lund is a former Executive Vice President and Head of Nordic Region, Digital Services Division and Broadcast at Telenor, the Norwegian telecoms company. Previous positions include CEO and Commercial Director at the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, CEO at Scanpix, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Online, and several positions at the Coca-Cola Company, Unilever and the Norwegian Embassy in Madrid. Kristin is a current board member of Ericsson, and has previously served as president of The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, and as member of the board of Orkla ASA among others.

Berit Svendsen ~ Norway

CEO at Telenor Norway

Berit Svendsen is a Norwegian engineer and business executive. As of September 2015, she is vice president of the Telenor Group and head of Telenor Norway.

She holds an MSc in Electronics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and a Master of Technology Management from NTNU and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

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Charlotte Svensson ~ Sweden

CDO & CIO at Bonnier News

Charlotte is what you might call an Intrapreneur. Her expertise is to drive organizations’ technological development and structure, in order to respond to future needs. She is driven by the desire to constantly improve her greatest ability is to get things done.

In her current role she is responsible for Digital Business Development and IT and is also a member of Bonnier News’ senior management team, reporting to the Business Unit Director/CEO. Her remit includes spearheading and implementing digital progress, both strategically and operationally.

Christiane Vejlø ~ Denmark

CEO & Digital Tren Analyst at Elektronista Media

Christiane Vejlø is a digital trend expert and analyst, futurist, strategic adviser, board member, investor, national radio host and keynote speaker. She specialises in digital media strategy and digital user behaviour. Her work is anchored in digital lifestyle, online trends, digital content, digital platforms, new media, social media and the future of TV. Vejlø also moves in the intersection between fashion and technology/wearables and she is behind the world first truly functional truly stylish handbag- the Knomo Elektronista wearable digital-bag.

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Caroline Walerud ~ Sweden

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman at Volumental

Caroline Walerud is a passionate entrepreneur devoted to building Volumental, which she co-founded in late 2012 with three computer vision experts in Stockholm. Volumental is building the platform for the future of product customisation. The platform makes it easy to accurately scan and store clients’ body data and get products with a perfect fit.

Caroline also works to shape politics and promote entrepreneurship through three great initiatives: the Swedish government’s reference group for strengthening entrepreneurship, STING Incubator’s advisory board, and Prince Daniel’s Fellowship. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14 when there wasn’t any good bread in the neighbourhood, so she started baking sourdough bread and sold it door to door.

Jane Walerud ~ Sweden

Tech Entrepreneur & Investor at Swedish Government Innovation Council

Jane Walerud is a serial entrepreneur and private investor. During the past 15 years, she has been involved (founded/invested in/been in the management team) in 11 start-ups. That’s not counting her first three start-ups from her youth.

She has been widely recognised in the industry by being chosen into Swedish Startup Hall of Fame in November 2015 and was awarded a Goldmedel in 2014 by Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. She is also an Honorary Doctorate at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

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Marie Wall ~ Sweden

Deputy Director Startups at Ministry of Enterprise, Swedish Government

Marie Wall is the start-up director at the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. Marie  has an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. With a wide range of positions in the world of start-ups and the innovation system, she is the bridge between the ministry and the start-up community.

Henriette Weber ~ Denmark

Senior Global Digital Lead at Sustainia

Henriette Weber is one of Denmark’s most experienced and charismatic digital brand strategists.

From 2005 to 2015 she was running her own successful brand studio Toothless Tiger, where she advised businesses on digital disruption, new business models, online branding, communication, marketing and PR. She also ran the start-up ‘Geek Girl Magazine’ during her time as an entrepreneur. Since 2015, she has taken on the task of bringing sustainability further out into the world as Senior Global Digital Lead at Sustainia – a sustainable innovation house and consultancy under Monday Morning.

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Beata Wickbom ~ Sweden

Founder & Influencer at HejDigitalt!

Beata has more than 20 years of experience as advisor to corporations and organisations on digital strategy and innovation. Her background in business development paired with deep knowledge of trends in the technology landscape is perfect for non-IT audiences that want a better understanding of the opportunities with digital media. She is always interested in sharing her ideas and experience with creative teams and brave clients.

Sara Öhrvall ~ Sweden

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor at Mindmill Network

Sara Öhrvall is the co-founder of Mindmill Networks, where she works as a senior advisor on digital strategy and innovation. Sara is  a board director of SEB, Investor, Bisnode, Umeå University, Nobel Museum, Bonnier Books, Bonnier News and Bonnier Publications. She is also the chair of Pontus Schultz foundation and a columnist in Dagens Industri, writing about technology trends.

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