Soulaima Gourani ~ Denmark

Soulaima is the CEO of and CapitalAid – a company that aims for world peace through trade and “good money”.

She is a motivational speaker and philanthropist with approximately 200 public talks a year all around the world including countrie such as Russia, Morocco, UK, the U.S and Israel. She is also an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking, change management, employee motivation, and future of business. She has worked as an advisor and/or speaker for large global clients such as Samsung, DELL, McKinsey, BMW, IBM, Microsoft and Stanford University.

Soulaima is the author of 3 books and she is board member of a wide range of private and public companies, as well as Chair of (part of In media she is a very active debater on TV, radio, and through blogs. She holds an E-MBA from Copenhagen Business School and multiple Executive leadership courses from Indian School of Business, Harvard Kennedy University and Stanford University.

Soulaima has received extensive recognition for her work; most recently she received Womenomics Influencer Award 2015 and was among 40 Under 40 in Europe 2014.