Stina Ehrensvärd ~ Sweden

Stina is the CEO and Founder of Yubico, and co-inventor of the YubiKey – a small device that makes strong two-factor authentication easy and affordable for everyone.

The company was founded in 2007, funded by the management team and Swedish angel investors. In 2014, Ram Shriram, Google founding board member and former executive at joined as investor and board member, and Marc Benioff, CEO & Founder of Salesforce and Ori Eisen, renowned entrepreneur in fraud prevention, joined as investors.

The YubiKey offers the first one touch user experience for strong authentication, uniquely combining driver-less USB and wireless hardware with open source software. Millions of users and 50,000 customers in 140 countries rely on YubiKey authentication for securing access to computers, mobile devices, networks and online services. Customers include 7 of the 10 top Internet brands, e-governments, Fortune 100 companies and individual users.

Stina’s goal is to secure the identities of 1 billion internet users and change the way we do secure online transactions.

Previous to Yubico, Stina worked with several innovation projects, focusing on product design and communication.
She is an accomplished speaker on internet identity, security and entrepreneurship, and she is regularly featured in leading international tech media. Stina was recently named in Inc Magazine’s 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013.

Stina was born in Seattle, USA, but grew up in Sweden, living there until 2011.

Stina was featured in Inspiring Fifty: Europe 2015 and 2016.